The Forgotten Ones — The Stories of Women That STEM Pushed Aside

More than half of women in computer science leave midcareer, and it’s definitely part of a bigger pattern — I wanted to explore why.

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Source: The New York Times

The road they’re on is built for success, just not their success.

Source: Medium

No women in computer science → Bro-culture continues → Women feel alienated → They decide to go along with it or they quit their jobs → The misogynistic culture is not put in check (and the cycle continues)

The barriers holding women back

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So, what gives?

Weeding out deep-rooted ideas

Action Items

1. Introducing computer science to girls in middle school.

2. For those already working in computer science: ask yourself, “What have you got to lose?”

i’m a 16-year-old writer trying to make next-gen knowledge accessible & digestible to the 99%

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