More women than ever are entering STEM, but more than half of women in some fields leave midcareer…why?

Using neuroscience to deconstruct what makes TikTok so addicting

Knocking stuff out for a living isn’t limited to pro fighters anymore; I explore and replicate the importance of genetic knockout.

This is going on my ongoing list of the strangest things on cable TV.

In 2019, I began my quest on how to create more efficient biofuels; I came across a research paper that made my dreams possible.

A large-scale algae farm (Source: Symbiosis In Development)

More than half of women in computer science leave midcareer, and it’s definitely part of a bigger pattern — I wanted to explore why.

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

Detecting E. coli in water sources is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. By using CRISPR, E. coli can be detected easily and accurately at home.

Cultured E. coli (Source: GOV.UK)

The Problem with E. coli detection

I got the insane opportunity to tour the Shopify Headquarters — here are my key takeaways.

This photo may be staged but I PROMISE our enthusiasm was not.

Introducing to the stage…PRIME EDITING! A more precise, search-and-replace gene editing technique.

The new prime editing technique allows for a true search-and-replace ability when editing genetic code. My nerd level when it comes to gene editing: 1000000. (Photo from ABC).

As a challenge to myself, I deleted Instagram for 30 days to see how dependent I was on social media. A month later, I learned some key tips towards productivity, developing real relationships, and breaking the cycle of instant gratification.

Photo by Jakob Owens.

Ditch your preconceived ideas of terraforming: cosmic seed packets is how we could build Earth 2.0

Kryptonian terraforming-spacecraft from Man of Steel (2013).

Eliza Aguhar

i’m a 16-year-old writer trying to make next-gen knowledge accessible & digestible to the 99%

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